FACTA Committees 2017

Committee                        Chair                        Institution                                             E-mail

Exemplary Practices           Mark Ross                  College of Central Florida                          rossm@cf.edu

By-laws                                Gay Withers                Eastern Florida State College                    withersg@easternflorida.edu

Communications                 Winnie Cooke             University of Florida                                   wcooke@ufl.edu

Event Planning                          Vacant

Membership                         Denise Swafford         Florida Southwestern State                       denise.swafford@fsw.edu


Nominating                          Marc Webb                    Miami Dade College                                   mwebb@mdc.edu

Past Presidents                  Judy Jones-Liptrot        Florida State College                                jajones@fscj.edu


FACTA Committee Descriptions and Members:

The FACTA Exemplary Practices Committee is responsible for identifying professional development topics of interest to the membership and reviewing Assessment/Testing Best Practices at the state and national levels.  The Committee may, from time to time, collect, preserve, and disseminate impartial information to test administrators through surveys and assessments for the purpose of enhancing communication and providing support, resources, and feedback on the utility and effectiveness of the State testing programs and services.

Mark Ross (chair)                     College of Central Florida                      rossm@cf.edu

Betty Bell                                   North Florida Community College         bellb@nfcc.edu

Nicole Miller                              Pasco Hernando State College              millern@phsc.edu

Lori Pleasant                             North Florida Community College          pleasantl@nfcc.edu

Henri Benlolo                            College of Central Florida                      benloloh@cf.edu

The FACTA Bylaws Committee
is responsible for ensuring that the Bylaws reflect FACTA's current practices by reviewing, revising, and processing the ratification process them on an annual basis, as needed.

Gay Withers (Chair)                 Eastern Florida State College                 withersg@easternflorida.edu

Miki Cox                                   College of Central Florida                       miki.cox@cf.edu

Vajiha Farooq                          College of Central Florida                        farooqv@cf.edu    

Denise Swafford                       Florida SouthWestern State College       denise.swafford@fsw.edu

Lea Brown                                Florida Gulf Coast University                   leobrown@fgc.edu

Dewett Dickson                        Palm Beach State College                       dicksond@palmbeachstate.edu


The FACTA Communications Committee is responsible for providing venues whereby members are able to share ideas and concerns, such as the FACTA List Serve and the FACTA website, as well as providing information to the outside public about FACTA.

Winnie Cooke( Chair)               University of Florida                                 wcooke@ufl.edu

Todd Dixon                               St. Johns River State College                   todddixon@sjrstate.edu

John Hartzog                            Florida Gateway College                          john.hartzog@fgc.edu

Gerry Hubbs                             Polk State College                                    ghubbs@polk.edu

Audra Liswith                            St. Petersburg State College                    Liswith.Audra@spcollege.edu

Stephen C. Nickell                    Florida State College                               snickell@fscj.edu
                                                 Jacksonville, Kent Campus

John Pierson                            Palm Beach State College                        piersonj@palmbeachstate.edu

Custell Smith                            Miami Dade College                                 csmith6@mdc.edu

                                                 North Campus

Gay Withers                             Eastern Florida State College                   withersg@easternflorida.edu    

The FACTA Events Planning Committee is responsible for coordinating events logistic for the annual
FACTA Council meeting in partnership with the host institution, for providing event checklists and forms, for communicating meeting event activities to the membership via the FACTA-L; and assisting in planning for additional FACTA events.

Yasmin Teja                              Broward College                                    yteja@broward.edu

Marisel Madrigal                       Miami Dade College                              mmadriga@mdc.edu

Vajiha Farooq                           College of Central Florida                      farooqv@cf.edu  

Audra Liswith                            St. Petersburg State College                  Liswith.Audra@spcollege.edu

Dwight Nimblett                         Florida International University               nimblett@fiu.edu

Erica Reese                              Valencia College                                     ereese1@valenciacollege.edu

Iona Bowers                              Lake Sumter State College                     bowersi@lssc.edu

Tatiana Pullen                            St. Thomas University                            tcpullen@stu.edu

The FACTA Membership Committee is responsible for providing guidance and recommendations to the FACTA Council regarding membership issues, upkeep of the membership roster, and to collaborate with FACTA Officers/Administrative Office to ensure that renewal process is as efficient as possible.

The Membership Mission: The mission of the membership is to provide guidance and recommendations to the FACTA Board regarding membership issues, upkeep membership roster, and to collaborate with FACTA Officers/Administrative Office to ensure that renewal process is as efficient as possible.

The Membership Vision: Membership Committee strives to provide quality services to our constituents by keeping accurate membership records and making the membership process as transparent as possible.

Denise Swafford (Chair)           Florida SouthWestern State College       densise.swafford@fsw.edu

Kathryn Quillen                         Pensacola State College                        kquillen@pensacolastate.edu

Rick Casey                               Pasco Hernando State College              caseyr@phsc.edu

Stephen Daniello                      Indian River State College                      sdaniell@irsc.edu 

Becky Piety                               University of Central Florida                   Rebecca.Piety@ucf.edu

Erica Reese                              Valencia College                                    ereese1@valenciacollege.edu


The FACTA Nominating Committee is responsible for securing candidates for Council membership and presenting a slate of candidates to the Council for approval and membership vote.  They shall endeavor to seek qualified, willing nominees reflecting an institutional balance of Council membership.  The Committee may also identify and provide recommendations to the Executive Committee for recognition of professionals who demonstrate exceptional work benefiting the organization.

Marc Webb (Chair)                     Miami Dade College                              mwebb@mdc.edu

Silvio Rodriguez                          Miami Dade College                              srodig2@mdc.edu

Leonor O’Relly                            University of South Florida                     lorelly@usf.edu

The FACTA Past-President’s Committee will assist the Executive Committee and Council with projects, as needed, and appointment of a Past-President to serve on the Executive Committee. The committee is chaired by the most recent Past-President.

Judy Jones-Liptrot (Chair)            Florida State College Jacksonville         JAJONES@fscj.edu

Silvio Rodriguez                            Miami Dade College                              silvio.rodriguez@mdc.com

Theresa Scott                               Palm Beach State College                     scotttm@palmbeachstate.edu

Marc Webb                                   Miami Dade College                               mwebb@mdc.edu