In order to provide regional coordination, FACTA has followed the model of the Association of Florida Colleges,  formerly known as the Florida Association of Community Colleges, which geographically subdivided the State of Florida into five regions.  Each region is coordinated by a regional director appointed by the FACTA Council members representing that region.  Please explore the links below for further information.

What is a FACTA Region?

Regional Directors 2017

FACTA Regions

Region I              Kathryn Quillen
                            Pensacola State College

Region II             Carla Jenkins
                            Florida State College at Jacksonville, North Campus

Region III            Chair:  Carolyn Thompson
                            Seminole State College

                            Co-Chair:Esperanza Pardo
                            Seminole State College


Region IV           Chair:  Audra Liswith
                            St. Petersburg College


                            Co-Chair: Leonor O’Relly
                            University of South Florida                                          

Region V            Chair: Carl-Henri Beaubrun
                            Miami Dade College


                           Co-Chair: Marlen Gonzalez